Gluten Free Diet for kids

Rebecca - posted on 10/31/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 5 yr old is in Kindergarten and the teacher is having problems with her lack of focus in class when other kids are around, she can not say still at all and she also has dietary problems. I heard that taking gluten out may help is that true


Ev - posted on 11/01/2014




I would not change her diet suddenly because of something you heard. You should take her to the doctor and discuss the things going on in class with him or her and see what they suggest doing. It might mean having her evaluated for different things from ADD or ADHD to learning issues or delays. She is only five years old and even at this age its normal for some of them to still be unfocused. The way they teach kindergarten now is much like the rest of the school and the kids have to stay in their seats a long time. For a kid this age to sit so long is hard. That can cause them to become unfocused a lot. Also she might not be ready to be in kindergarten either, and I do know of some people who waited until 6 to start school. Kindergarten used to be more hands on and playing than sitting for hours a day doing work while in the seat. I would not take the teacher's words of what to do with your child as she is not a doctor. I would go to the doctor and see what he or she had to say.

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