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Rosie - posted on 03/16/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




i'm trying to go gluten free for my son. can anybody help me with items that contain gluten? i'm finding out things like italian sausage may have it in it-something about the spices. i would've never thought that. i also heard fake vanilla flavoring has it too. what other things have it that you wouldn't normally think would? thank you!!



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Aleks - posted on 03/20/2011




Read ALL LABLES. It is part and parcel of any one who has got allergies and/or intollerances. Soon enough you will LEARN to recognise what things do and do not have gluten in them. Best way. Otherwise you will forever be asking yourself if things are ok or not. Just start reading lables. If there isn't one, like for example at the deli, ask to see the ingredient list (most will have it at the back).
Also, there is a really good gluten free brand, it is called ORGRAN. All of its products are gluten free, among others. Oh and another thing that definitively isn't gluten free - many alcohols- including and especially beer! Lots of chocolates (but read labels), just about all cereals and breads.
Good luck.

Iridescent - posted on 03/19/2011




Also most toothpastes, a lot of medications, and envelope and stamp glue contain gluten.

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I am sensitive to gluten however, I can tolerate things like Kamut and Spelt flour. It might be worth testing these things, with your docs guidance, to see if your son can tolerate them. It opens a lot of wheat free products you for you.

The celiac list is good. However, you have to look at ALL the ingredients on any label. It might require you making a lot of foods at home and finding products/restaurants that cater to his allergy. There are so many user friendly places out there now!

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Many things you would not think ... look up gluten free on-line and you will find a list of all things that are gluten, even if they don't say the word gluten.
Eat 'close to the earth' and you will be fine. Odds are if it has been 'processed' it is not okay to eat. Anything out of a box for example ... don't be fooled by boxes that say gluten free, cause somethings they are not. Trust places like Trader Joes.
If he/you really can't eat gluten, you will know within 20 minutes if you have ... you will get very sick.
And, if you were to go to a place, like France, where they have never altered the wheat they use, you'd likely not have a problem with it. In the US we have added so many chemcials and made so many changes to what nature intended, many of us have gotten ill.

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I don't know of a lot of things, but see if your town has a gluten free specialty market. You can always go in or call and ask for advice. In my experience, the people who work at those type of markets are usually very knowledgeable and love helping.

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