Go or not to go with Epidural


Chet - posted on 09/23/2014




Definitely be prepared to not have the epidural...

Even if you have every intention of getting an epidural it might not be possible - the baby comes too fast, you end up delivering when there isn't an anaesthesiologist available, they try to give you the epidural and it doesn't work properly, etc. You don't need to look hard to find moms who planned to have an epidural and didn't get one, or who got one that didn't work right.

No matter what you decide, read up on undedicated labour so you have all of your bases covered.

Julia - posted on 09/23/2014




I've had epidurals with 4 of my deliveries (the fifth was c-section so...). Three of them went perfectly. No problems at all. With one of them I got a "spinal headache". It's what happens when there's a tear in the "sac", the area where the spinal fluid is, where the epidural is injected. The tear causes spinal fluid to leak, and the "sac" (which is attached at the base of your head) to sag/pull. It's extremely painful and definitely makes caring for a newborn very difficult. This happened on my 3rd birth though, and I still had an epidural with my 4th, and everything was perfect.


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Ev - posted on 09/25/2014




The best thing to do is to try not to have one because of the complicantions that do come with it though they do not always happen to everyone. If you can have a vagninal birth then do so with as much or little pain meds as possible for this benefits the baby most. If your doctor feels you need an epidural for health reasons, then you may not have a choice. A lot of first time moms to be do not understand that an epidural is really something that should be a last resort unless the doctor says it is needed. My niece was in the hospital for 5 weeks on bed rest before she gave birth to her son. She had pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, gestational diabetic, and other issues. When she got about 2 weeks out from due date they decided to do an epidural and induced her labor. She was in labor from about noon or so one day and gave birth about noon the next day. She was in such pain even having the epidural. And now that her child is 6 months old she complains of lower backaches all the time and she thinks its because of the epidural. Please reconsider having one unless its really needed. I went through two births. My oldest was born after 20 hours of labor and added hormones to speed up the labor when they were not needed. I did not have an epidural but sure did ask for pain medication. My second had to be induced but I again did not get an epidural. 8 hours later I gave birth to a boy. I had a half of a dose of pain meds then. My daughter gave birth naturally to two children within two years of each other. Both were done without pain meds, no epidurals and one was induced somewhat. And my daughter was not very big either. So just saying.

Sarah - posted on 09/23/2014




I have never had one so can't really tell you too much about pros and cons. Something to keep in mind is doing what is best for you and your baby at time of labor. It might be best to get one or it might be best to not get one. You may not have much of a choice. If u need a csec you may need to have one. I was the opposite with my first.....my labor was stopping and going and my blood pressure was creating issues for giving me an epidural as they did not want my labor to stop. For my other two I had just decided to wait and try without as I went without with the first.....Both ended up being too fast anyway to have an epidural.

Jodi - posted on 09/23/2014




Personally, I've never had one and would never choose to have one. My personal preference. But then, I had two pretty easy births. I would never go into a birth PLANNING to have one, but I can see how they might factor in to a birth plan.

My sister-in law had one, but ended up with a horrible number of internal stitches because she had no control over her pushing when she had her oldest. Her body pushed before her cervix was ready and she had no way to control the situation.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 09/23/2014




Pros: if it's done correctly, you feel absolutely no discomfort. Mine were the best experiences ever. The second was better than the first, because they actually had administered the first a bit too late into the process, so it didn't take as well.

My second was the BEST. I felt nothing! (the downside was that I also couldn't move my legs...which had fallen off either side of the bed when hubby left the room for a minute...so I ended up giggling mindlessly until the nurse came to check me)

cons: I've heard of major migraine issues if not done correctly, but have never personally met anyone.

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