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Hello I have a 17 year old daughter who lives with her father and his girlfriend. His girlfriend has three children of her own 21yr old son, 18 yr old son and a 7 yr old daughter. Its been a year now that she's been living with them. My question is that her father allowed my daughter at age 15, to baptize her girlfriends nephew . Is that too young to be a godmother?


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Hi, Sonia! I'm not sure what the "rules" are with baptisms, and who is allowed and at what age. Are they Catholic? Is it true that with the Catholic religion, the person who is present during the baptism is the Godmother/Godfather? And if so, does that mean your daughter is the Godmother?

I'm Christian, and we don't usually do the Godmother/Godfather thing. I was baptized at 12 of my own free will, and understood what I was doing. Perhaps your daughter was there to offer support?

Otherwise, it does seem unusual for a 15 year old to take on Godmother duties for a girlfriend's nephew. Perhaps there's more to the story? Have you talked to your daughter about how she feels about it?

Jodi - posted on 08/08/2016




I'm confused. How can a 15 year old baptise someone? However, your daughter is now 15 and this happened 2 years ago an NOW you have an issue with it?

Maybe it's just because I have flu and a bit of a fever that I can't get my head around this.....

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/08/2016




I think it is more about the complication of her baptizing a child of her fathers girlfriend, or whoever it is. It is very complicated how you explained the situation.

No I personally don't think it is to young, but for me I only wanted family baptizing my children. It is the parents choice, and if the persona accepts the invite, go for it. Being a godparent doesn't really mean what it used to mean. It is really just suppose to be the person who is going to guide the children spiritually, but even that has faded away in many circles. Now it is more about a gesture.

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