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I was raised catholic but my husband wasnt really raised with any religion in his home. I want our son to get baptised in my church and while i was pregnant he agreed. But now we cant agree on the godparents. I picked my best friend to be the godmother because neither of us have sisters and all of his friends r guys. But now we dont agree on the godfather. I want my brother to be it but my husband wants his brother or one of his friends. But none of them are catholic and only a few r christian. And to be honest none of them are the kind of guys that i want guiding my son in his religious beliefs or anything for that matter. I dont know what to do and my family keeps putting pressure on me to get it done


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There are actual rules to who can be a god parent.

If the person:
- has no intention of fulfilling his obligations as a god parent.
-is younger than 16
-is not Catholic
-has not not been baptized
-has not been confirmed in Catholic faith
-has not received the eucharist
they would not qualify

Other reasons a church will not see a person as a fit god parent-
believes his/her children should choose their own religion (kinda falls under the first reason listed)
not registered with a parish
the person is public sinner- this one can be a bit funny since many things fall under this, someone whos been to jail, prostitute, down to someone who lives with a partner and isn't married.

Hope that helps you decide a little better. Feel free to take your husband to talk to your church personally about the rules and regulations required of god parents.

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