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Mrs Genevieve - posted on 11/08/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




My twins will be four months in 4 days iv just notice two bald patches on each side of my temple, I'm freaking out about it


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Batseba - posted on 11/10/2016




Hi all I am new on here. I basically had unprotected sex with my bofriend of one year last month everyday when I ovulated but used the pullout method. Since I ovulated I experienced a large amount of white vaginal odour everyday consistently and I had almost all the pregnancy symptoms except breast change or tenderness as well as vomiting but did get nausea here and there. I missed my period for 2days it was due November 7th and I got it 9th in the evening. My LMP was October 11th with a possible ovulation date of the 24th of October. I noticed spotting very light pink during the day I was supposed to start my P for the days I missed my period. In the 9th I noticed really bad cramps and vaginal bleeding although the blood was red it wasn't accompanied by any clots. Today , two days later I have no cramps and the bleeding seems to be fading. I feel hot and my body does too and have a headache. I don't know if I was pregnant and I miscarried or am I still pregnant. I don't know if its something else. Please if anyone can advice me that would be great. I'm driving myself crazy. Thank you.

Sarah - posted on 11/08/2016




That is normal. Your hormones are changing and that often times happens. Joys of pregnancy...you get no period for 9 months but get the bleeding for 6 wks after. You get nice shinny thick hair during pregnancy and you go bald after. I will grow back, but it will take time. Also make sure you are still taking your prenatal vitamins as this will help.

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