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Timothy - posted on 05/11/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello I am a male but would like some advice from the women here. I have a son, he originally was staying with his mother so she has full custody and I'm paying child support. When he was a baby child services was involved in his life twice. Both times included a fight that broke out with his mother and a boyfriend of some kind. I then wanted him into a better school so he started to stay with me. Now he's been with me for 3 years I take him to the doctor, to school, to the dentist, signed him up for baseball and swimming. Anyways through this time I have been paying child support. Today I met with a lawyer on sole custody because every time my son goes to her house he comes back sad. He then tells me that his mother was fighting with her boyfriend again. Truthfully I feel bad for going for sole custody. I feel kind of bad for taking him away from his mother. I guess I'm looking for advice if I am doing the right thing or not. Thank you.


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I had a friend who ended up loosing her career over things she did and she had had full custody of her children and her ex husband ended up with them. She met up with an old classmate from high school. This man was into drugs and drinking. She had just become a nurse. One weekend they had gone out and left the kids at home, the eldest a boy was 16 at the time. He came to my friend's house upset Sunday morning because mom had not called or come home and he did not know what to do. My friend got a hold of their dad and dad came and got them. He had been paying child support to her for the kids. It was several months later he had to work on getting the child support reversed so he was getting it for the kids. He got custody too. She lost her license to be a nurse in the process of her DUI's and other issues. It sounds like maybe you should have done this at least 2 years ago instead of paying her child support all the time and having custody when you had the child the majority of the time. You are doing the right thing seeking custody as the primary parent since you have had the child with you all this time. You should not be paying her support if she has the child on visitation roster times while you supply everything at home plus send her money....she does not have the child with her as often. I can not say that a judge will grant it to you or not, but it is your right to try to get it done.

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