Going on vacation without kids...weigh in please

Sara - posted on 04/26/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm wondering how you all feel about taking vacations away from the children?

I am divorced and for the last 3 years I have taken 1 two-week long vacation away from my children. I have also taken them on one vacation a year, just not for as long. For 4 children it is expensive to travel! I save my tips all year to be able to take this time for myself. I obviously have guilt about leaving them, but I also want to be a good example to them as far as being happy and taking time for yourself, especially since for so long I was not within my marriage, and they saw that. I think it makes me a better person to travel and a better mother as a result. My ex reminds the children how I take vacations without them all the time without them and so the kids and I have had to talk about this several times. I do not think it is right for him to do this to the children.

How do you all feel about taking a vacation away from your children? Is it right or should you only take vacations with the children?


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Kvolm2016 - posted on 04/27/2016




As you know well, single parenting is an all-consuming effort. And self care is absolutely necessary in order to care well for others. That element of self care looks different for each of us. If you have determined that vacationing is your method of self care and you see the positive benefits it has, then that should provide you with the answer. Is the guilt you are experiencing resulting from the actions of your ex or from your children?

Dove - posted on 04/26/2016




There are 52 weeks in a year... depending on how many of those you spend w/ your kids... 2 weeks is nothing. Are they w/ their father for a regular visitation during those 2 weeks?

You take one vacation a year w/out kids and one vacation a year w/ kids? You ex is a twit to try and make a problem w/ your children because of this (but obviously don't tell THEM that..lol). Does HE ever go anywhere w/out the kids?

It is not something 'I' would do for many reasons, but I see absolutely nothing in the world wrong w/ it.

Ev - posted on 04/26/2016




This is actually a personal choice and not one I was able to afford to do myself. If I had had that option I would not have done that because I was on the opposite end of the custody in a joint custody case and every minute I was with them was precious. Letting dad have them was a choice I made for their benefit not mine because of the situation. That said--Adults doe need time from their kids. Its not a bad thing. And as long as the kids are with adults that the parent trusts or with the other parent while mom is gone or dad is gone on a trip is okay. As long as your kids know you love them and all that and understand it, it should not be a problem. Besides, it is not your ex's business if you take a two week vacation without the kids nor not---he lost knowing your business when you two separated. And if he is talking the kids in a negative way over this issue I would remind him he is not supposed to be bad mouthing you in front of the kids. It is not like you are leaving them or abandoning them.

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