Going through a divorce and I have not clue what I am doing

Nadine - posted on 09/20/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, we split almost 2 years ago. I left him, but after discussing it he understood that this was better for both of us. That we had just grown a part and were still young enough to find someone else that could truly make us happy. We have 3 young children, they have adjusted nicely to the split. We co-parent our children and are still able to do family outings together. He filed for divorce a few months ago and we were trying to work things out and come to agreements on everything so that I didn't have to get my own lawyer (which I couldn't afford) and spend as little time working through everything. Well. now, things do not seem to be going as well as they were for the first couple years. We still co-parent, but there are some issues we cant agree on, minor issues not related to the divorce. He does not want to have a set amount for child support, he would rather set up an acct for the kids that I can pull money from as needed. I am not going to ask for alimony because it was my decision to leave. He does not want to split his 401k. Now that his paperwork has been filed I am not sure if I have any rights since I am outside of the 30 days that were allotted for me to file/respnd. I really have no clue what my rights are. I figured since I couldn't afford a lawyer that it was best to just work with him to come to an agreement about everything. Im not so sure that was the best decision. Does anyone have any advice on what my options might be at this point? Can I request a public defender? Thank you in advance for any help with this. I feel so lost.


Ev - posted on 09/20/2016




You should have at least tried for legal aid. You still have rights. Rights to child support if you are to have custody of the kids, rights to his 401K because you were married to him but it depends on your laws where you live. Like where I live, I got half of the assets of the marriage which included the 401K. A public defender is for criminal court not for divorce/custody.

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