Going to the beach with an infant.

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Hi everyone. My husband and I are going to the beach this Monday through Thursday, with our 6 month old son. I'm pretty sure the ocean will be too cold to go in, so we will probably stick to the indoor and outdoor pool at our hotel, but we will still play on the beach. I bought him swim diapers, arm rings and SPF 50 baby sunblock. My husband is worried about him getting dehydrated, but I just said if he is thirsty, he will just want to breastfeed a little more often, and we can give him some water, since he is now 6 months old. Is there any other safety advice and tips, or just any advice to keep my son safe and happy on the trip? Thank you!


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Bring a golf umbrella (their huge) and stick it in the sand. Also, provided he can sit well enough, you can create a sand pool for him - all of you really. Dig a big hole in the sand and fill it with water. He'll love to splash away the day. Watch him of course. Sitting under the shade of a huge umbrella in a daddy-made pool sounds like fun to me. All he needs now is a pina-colada! Photo opp!


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Thank you all for the advice. I took the arm rings back, I didn't realize when I bought them they were too big, and I just got a tube for Bryce, instead. Hopefully everything goes well!

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You can also get these little one piece suits that have spf 50 in the fabric. I would definately still use the sunscreen, hats, and seek out the shade often but it may help you feel a bit more comfortable.

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a hat, retreat to the shade now and then, and re-apply the sunscreen often (read the directions). reapplication is the one thing most people forget to do or don't do enough.

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Bring a big blanket with some simple toys. You can lay out while the baby plays in the blanket. I found that helpful because my daughter hated the sand.

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I think my girl was about 6 months or so when we took her to the beach the first time. Lots of sunscreen, lots of big floppy hats, and she ate lots of sand.... It was lots of fun! We didn't get any further in water than lapping at her thighs, but we did have a little boat for the hotel pool

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When we brought our son to the beach (4 mos or so), we didn't even think about him getting sand on his hands and other body parts that would make their way up to his mouth. That was the only thing that we had to really watch. And the umbrella is a great recommendation, but babies can get sunburns from the glare off the water while sitting under an umbrella...

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Water wings are useless and more of a hazard than a safety device (speaking from years as a lifeguard). Get a full body life vest or one of those seated rings and make sure you NEVER have your hands off him near or in the water. Reapply the sunblock regularly and let him breastfeed as often as needed. Maybe carry a bottle of water for the possible sand in eyes issue. A hat is an excellent idea, and if you can get him to wear them, sunglasses also. Don't forget to apply sunblocking lip stuff. Finally, if you are feeling hot, time for everyone to go in. If he's getting fussy or looks like he's getting hot, either dip toes in the ocean (get pics too) or head inside.

Have a great trip.

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Make sure you pack him a hat! Don't let the sun beat down on his poor little head, or he may end up with sun stroke or heat sickness.

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If he is like most, he will try to eat sand :)

I didn't find arm rings to be of much use. They limited her movements in the water, and didn't keep her afloat. Of course she was never out of my arms, but they kind of knocked her off blance anyway.

Hats are good - with brims they keep the sun out of their eyes and off their little bald heads.

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I would get a baby float seat, not arm rings. Just make sure you either offer him the breast or some water more often. Reapply the sunblock often.

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i lived at the beach with my daughter till she was about 2 and just make sure he gets plenty of fluid, you could buy some of that pedialite it has electrolytes in it to help keep you hydrated. i would also try those sun detector strips from huggies, they change colors when the baby has had to much sun. a good floppy hat and sun glasses are also a safe thing to keep on hand. i found these baby sunglasses at walmart they came with my sunscreen, they have a band that goes around the back of the head to keep them secure. also i would take my own play pen for him to sleep in, though some hotels have those cribs, they are not verry well put together and the mattress that goes with them is about a quarter of an inch thick, plus some babies prefer something they are familure with. hope you have fun and hope these suggestions help.

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i took my son to the beach around the same age, you sound like your prepared so stop worrying. just make sure he drink plenty. if he is still getting plenty on wet diapers on the trip then he isnt dehydrated. if u feel he is getting too much sun just keep him indoors for a little bit and relax. pls enjoy ur vaca!

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