good day mothers? my daughter is 2yrs 6months old she still wears a nappy she talks about everything but she will not say she wants to weee or poop, I used to put her on the toilet sometimes she will not poop but do it in the nappy and will not want to be changed. I am worried now as she will be starting creche next yr Jan. what should I do? I have a 2months old gal as well so my nanny is hands on mostly on the baby then her and I am back at work since I was hired while I was pregnant. thank you in advance for you input.


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Holly - posted on 12/13/2012




i would just put her on the toilet EVER 30 minutes, and keep an eye on her, if she looks as if she is about to poop, run her to the toilet, put her on and tell her to poop on hte toilet, and keep her there for as long as it takes, and if she goes, do the "potty dance" (which is just a silly dance i made up for my kids, its kinda like a conga line and i sing "she poo pooed in the potty, she poo pooed in the potty" and dance around the house)

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