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Jasmine - posted on 09/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Good morning everyone! Well my situation is a little difficult. My son is five and my son's father went to jail before my son turned 1. Before he went to jail he placed himself on child supoort so that he could have rights to see my son but maybe a month after putting himself on child support he went to jail. The reasn why I had not been lettting my son's father see my son is because he was very irresponsible. He would keep my son for a few hours and bring him right back, he was abusive to me etc. So my son's father recently got out of jail after being there for 4 years. When he got out I tried to give him a few months to find a job and also let my son go to his house every other weekend. We have a few disagreements because my son's father is very irresponsible. He has left me voicemails making personal threats, he nit picks and treis to find things out to have something to say about me to try to make me look like a bad parent. (I had to block his number from my phone) He still does not have a job and I dont believe he even cares to get one. Legally I am supposed to let my son's father see him because its on papers but I do not feel comfortable letting my son go to his father's house anymore. my son's father was angry with me and he sent me a text saying that he didnt care if me or my son died and that he didnt give f**k about either one of us. Because he has been abusive to me before I do not want my son around his father. Legally I have to let him see my son. Yesterday he sent me a text saying he wanted to see my son and then I had a conversation with him and he said he still has rights to my son. what do i do? If I dont let him see my son since he has rights to him Im afraid I can get in trouble. but at the same time I do not feel comfortable letting my son be around his father because of the comments he has made. He does not pay child support, he's irresponsible, no job, threatens me, has made bad comments about my son. What do I do? Who do I talk to?


Michelle - posted on 09/22/2012




Get yourself a lawyer and go to court to get the visitation amended. Child support and visitation are 2 separate issues. Just because they pay support doesn't mean they get their child when they want.

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