Good morning moms..... I just need some advice as I am starting to worry about my 14 month old son. My sons dad and I have been seperated since I was five months pregnant. I have been pulling through as a single mom. Dad comes to visit my son everyday for an hour and a half. I feel now that my son is not bonding with me the way he used to. I feel as if he prefers not to be with me. When I dropped him off at school this morning he refused to look at me to wave me a goodbye. What is happening??? Does he not want to be with me?? I am terribly distraught by what is happening, is my son going to eventually leave me for his dad???


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Gwen - posted on 01/30/2013




He's only a baby. At this point in time he sounds pretty normal. Babies have lots of phases, sometimes clingy, sometimes independent, sometimes Mom only, sometimes Dad only...the list is endless. Considering that he is only a baby, I wouldn't be worrying about his future living arrangements just yet. You sound very love and care for your baby, of course he loves you! Many parents with clingy babies would be THRILLED if their child went happily to daycare with no crying! :) The fact that his father sees him on a daily basis is awesome. If more parents were involved like that, we'd have a lot fewer messed up kids.
Holly is right about the visitation agreement. If you have not already gone to court to get a legally binding custody arrangement, you should do that right away.

Holly - posted on 01/30/2013




having the father come to visit you on a daily basis to see his son strikes me as a bi strange... do you have a custody order? this is really weird and I suggest if you don't have one get one now. usually at this age they will begin an every other weekend visitation.

to the NEXT question, if you have been dropping off your child at this school for a while, he is probably over his separation anxiety phase nd is comfortable with his surroundings and ready to play with his friends.

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