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Chana - posted on 04/03/2015 ( 10 moms have responded )




I am posting this because I feel like I have created a connection with some of your moms and it is news I really wanted to share. I went to the doctor yesterday(evening) and I have lost 10 pounds since January. I know to some people that may not sound like a lot but as some of you may be aware I have a thyroid problem that makes it difficult for me to lose weight. I have been trying to at least maintain my current weight as I did not want to gain but in my efforts I actually lost. The entire family went with me because we wanted to go out to dinner afterwards. I was so proud of myself that a actually ordered dessert, something I haven't had in months. I was good though because I ordered something that I knew hubby would eat so I took a few bites and gave it to him! I know most of you will be happy for me but for those that aren't I will say this. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!


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Sorry Chana, I'm locking this for reasons you will probably know.

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Positive motivation is the key..excited for you a great start is always great and keep moving foward to a healthier you as you are important and you are capable of reaching any goal you set your desire on! I lost 80lbs within a month and a half. 20 lbs automatically with adding a breafast shake as I have low sugar levels and the rest from eating more balanced.. the key was to not eat the same food group.. and with 1 hour of weight training and 1 hour of raquetball twice a week. My aunt has thyroid issues as well and it was a challenge to get on the right track for weight loss..with the help of a nutritionist she has been doing great she is down 30lbs. Things will get easier once you get used to healthier choices.

Gena - posted on 04/03/2015




I am very happy for you! Especialy since i know how hard it is with the weight problems that come with thyroid problems! I had my entire thyroid removed last year after having problems for 6 years. I gained 50pounds in less then two years :( I am on Euthyrox now and my weight hasnt gone up..but it has not dropped either.
If you ever need someone to chat about the thyroid problems feel free to pm me!

Dove - posted on 04/03/2015




Good for you!!! ♥

And you KNOW who won't have anything nice to say... just ignore it when it shows up. ;) You ROCK and you know that!!

Chana - posted on 04/03/2015




Thanks! It's not easy because like most people I like food. I was actually expecting trash mouth to have something to say but I don't think she has been here yet today!

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