Good party games for outdoor 13 year olds


Redd - posted on 05/30/2014




My son is getting ready to be 13-the games we have planned for this year include blowing up small balloons (makes them harder to pop) and having a race with the kids-starting on one side of the front lawn and having a bucket full of these small balloons next to the kids at the starting line..(two lines, two buckets) they have to run a straight line down to the end of the lawn where a chair waits..they carry their balloon down and have to sit on the balloon to pop it (this is extremely funny to watch since the balloons are small and hard to pop) !! We also will have the mummy contest-always popular-where each child grabs a partner and one child chooses to be the mummy and the other has to wrap their partner by spinning him in a circle all the while applying toilet paper for the wrapping,,you decide how many rolls each team gets..2 is usually sufficient Another game (ask the kids to bring an extra set of clothes) play capture the flag with water guns!!! A total Blast! or include the parents and tell the kids your parents are your enemies! All kids love that idea! A Great way to meet other parents too and see some of the dad's become little boys again!

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