Gosh adulthood totally lost here!

Marie - posted on 04/11/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi all,

Son is 21 and really the last 3 years have seen that temper and it is scary when you have a 6"1 230 pound stressed quick to anger male wanting to hit and destroy things or hurt his brother. Brother being younger by 3 years really knows how to push those buttons though and run that mouth whew! He is an athlete and conditioning wise he stands his own now. But if the two got in an allout fight and im not home the house could be destroyed. I have had Dustin tell me though he does not like being scared of his little brother because he could hurt him. This past year its more verbally yelling at each other and Dustin going to his room slamming doors or going outside and walking around the house or hitting things outside like beating on the garage door which no longer works. I have told him since he turned 18 that if destroys things outiside and throws afit neighbors could call the police and he could go to jail. that helped some. Besides the brother warfares he has tried the past 2 year at a community college just doing general studies and refuses to write papers says he just cant. So hes had 2 incompletes in 2 classes and failed lab and anatomy. that was a medical class he just wanted to try but was too hard. i dint let him take spring classes and no sure of his even trying a summer class when he wont write papers and is not giving 100%. So he stays at home all day everyday unless a friend takes him out or I do when off. he has learners permit but truly cannot get his drivers license which sets him off big time on this topic cause he believes he can get in the car go take the test and pass. He will scare the holy crap out of you when he is driving. I have to tell him exactly when to stop theres a sign coming up or light and when to go and turn, There is too much going on between other cars, signs and lights for him to be able to drive on his own. Let him drive once with his brother and he didnt stop and go when he was told and he hit a police car, yes a police car. He says of all things i could have hit i hit a cop car. he could have gotten them both killed. i never told them that but its true, He says you will never let me drive again and my learners permit needs renewed in 5 days. Its true i want but how to tell him that? Cop said he should never drive again:( its his right of passage he says about driving. i dont know what to do.. He dont want a job cause he sayd no body will hire me when i cant drive to get there and your not taking me to a job. But i took him to college that was okay. Hes 21 but socially like a 12 year old. he can seem so mean and harsh when he talks but hes not that just him. He can be embarrassing in public if he loses his temper too. He went off on a girl at the movies because his popcorn bucket was expired and he wanted a refill whew! he was with a cousin who almost dragged him out of that theatre. But it dont matter if a little pretty girl or 6"2 man it dont matter. i dont know what to do with him to give this child/man a life. i took him last summer to the local humane society he walked the dogs twice a week and really enjoyed that. But my work hours dont allow me to do or take him like that now. when he hit the police car the officer got out really mad and came to the drivers window to him and his brother was like please let me get out and talk for him please hes 21 with aspergers and thank god the cop did and it settled down calmly after that. had to put him in my car to calm him down. Mothers worst nighmare just thinking what could have happened.

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