Gotta hold during naps.

Janna - posted on 10/14/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 4 month plus will not take a napnap throughout the day without me holding her. Any ideas on what to do? I can't get anything done and she doesn't like when I try to wear her.


Sarah - posted on 10/14/2015




I agree that babies need to feel loved and safe but they also don't need to be help every time they nap. Have you tried warming a blanket to lay her down on so she isn't startled by the cool bed? Does she sleep alone at night? Does she like to be wrapped up? Try snuggling her til she is sleepy, and then lay her down is a dim room, you can have a white noise machine running, or a fan, and slowly walk away. She may rouse and fuss a bit, but if you give her a few minutes she may settle herself. You can try to pat her or sing to her gently to comfort her. To hold her every nap must get exhausting.!

Suzanne - posted on 10/14/2015




She needs to be held to feel love and learn trust! Some babies such as my grgrandaughter never has taken a nap ! I woulld have to plan my chores around her .


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Raye - posted on 10/14/2015




Around 4 months, babies change the way they sleep. They go from having very deep sleep every time they sleep to having different intervals of light and deep sleep more like you do. This is called Sleep Regression. Your baby’s brain is suddenly becoming much more alert and “on” more of the time, and she may need to nap less during the day, and may initially wake up more at night before sleeping completely through the night.

First, you need to recognize the change. Continue helping your baby fall asleep in the way she has been falling asleep up until now. These are sleep associations that will ultimately hinder your baby’s sleep, and that you’ll need to wean her away from later. But for now, do what you need to do to help your baby fall asleep. Keep track of her sleep patterns and see what times your baby seems to be most tired.

She’s probably about ready for a more structured nap routine and an earlier bedtime. One suggestion is to ease her into a 2-3-4 sleep schedule... Two hours after your baby wakes up, put her down for a nap. Three hours after she wakes up from that nap, put her down again. Four hours after she wakes up from the afternoon nap, it’s bedtime. If this schedule doesn't exactly work for you, come up with your own.

Over the nest few months, you will begin weaning your baby away from her sleep associations (you holding her all the time), and teaching your baby to fall asleep alone. Typically, parents start working on this by putting their babies to bed while they're really drowsy but awake. She may be a little fussy at first, but once your baby gets the hang of falling asleep alone, without help from you, she will be able to put herself back to sleep at night when she wakes, and eventually (when she is ready and is done with night feedings) sleep completely through the night.

To try to reduce fussiness, swaddle and/or offer a pacifier. Use a swing, if you have one. The swing can be a great way to soothe your fussy baby, and to help induce a nap. Just be sure to supervise your baby while in the swing. Also, ask for help! This is the time to lean on friends and family members. Let other people hang out with the baby while you get chores done.

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