Gotta love the little boogers....

Kelina - posted on 12/17/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




So this morning, my daughter got into the tub of vaseline. How you might ask? well it's been on the same shelf at diaper changer reacher height since before she was born and she's never shown an interest in it. Before today that is, lol. This morning, she was chewing on a toothbrush, slurping away, so I didn't even think to look when she was in a different spot. Next thing I know, I'm looking over to see that she's not choking on her toothbrush and lo and behold the toothbrush is not in her mouth! Instead she's sitting on the floor trying her best to look innocent and not quite achieving it, with her hands in the tub of vaseline and the evidence all over her face, hands and the floor around her. Now as I go to clean her up I realize-she' my mouth child. She swallows everything, which means chances are some of that vaseline went in her mouth and down the hatch. And since I have no idea how much vaseline was left in the container, or how that would correlate to how much is on my floor, I have no idea how much she ate. of course, up went the vaseline, and out came to phone to call poison control. Now she's sleeping peacefully, will probably wake up in an hour or so wanting lunch and blissfully unaware that she makes me want to run around screaming sometimes lol. so what have your kids gotten into lately?


Erica - posted on 12/17/2011




My son loves (but doesn't eat) baby vicks vapo rub. every time he finds the tub, he begins to spread it on everyone's chest and neck. and by "spreads" i mean gets a large glob on his finger and wipes that on your chest/neck. about the vaseline: my mom works at a nursing home and says the crazy old people sneak and eat that stuff all the time, it just makes them poop a lot! my sister's youngest ate bug repellant one time. that was a call to poison control...

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