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Melania - posted on 07/10/2018 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just found out I'm going to be grandmother at the age of 41. My son is 22, works full-time, lives on his own and still enrolled in college full time. I'm in shock. Part of me is happy but the other part of me is literally sick. I don't want him to quit college (he knows this). I guess I just need some encouragement or relatable stories. He had already bought a ring and was planning to propose to her before they found out about the baby. They are in the middle of buying a house. I'm worried about everything. Help?


Michelle - posted on 07/12/2018




So he's around the same age you were when you had him, what was the reaction that you wanted from your parents?
You don't need to be worried about everything, that's for them to figure like you did. Your job is to love your Grandchild.


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Beth - posted on 07/10/2018




Melania -

I'll leave it to other Moms to provide "relatable stories" as I haven't any to hand. I'll try to work on the "encouragement".

This baby will be no less a miracle based on the side of matrimony he was conceived on. He/she won't be the first baby conceived before marriage. The world is FULL of them. This is an unexpected turn of events for your son, but not a catastrophe. He was already planning to dedicate his life to this baby's mother. He's going to have to make some hard decisions and plans earlier than you or he hoped he might have to. But this is timing, not fate. In five years it will hardly matter. He'll be launched into an adult life, with a new family. Isn't that what you hoped for him?

And lastly, lucky YOU. This couple is young, They still have school and soon, new jobs, to contend with. They'll need help with the baby. Soon you'll have a grand-baby in the house. Go buy a lottery ticket you lucky mom! You're on a roll.



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