Grandma overstepping boundaries

Alexandria - posted on 12/16/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Just as the title says my mother is constantly overstepping and undermining me.
I left my DD father a year ago, back in May I moved in with my parents (regretfully but for the "best").
I have about 7-8 more months here with them and honestly I'm not sure if I will make it. Mentally and emotionally, for my own sanity and for my daughters well being.
Problem 2: bottles or "babas," my daughter is 3 and was breastfed. I weaned her and for some reason my mother thought it was a brilliant idea to give her a bottle - after she was weaned from me! Her reasoning "you kids had one and she needs it for comfort.." Some bs excuse to annoy me. I don't care if I had a bottle, my daughter never did until her. We fight about this all the time. Especially since DD is potty training and is dry until morning when she is soaked. Whenever grandma isn't around I refuse to give her a bottle and she wakes up dry.. Hmm go figure.

2. CANDY... Omg for the life of me I cannot get anyone to listen to me. NO candy maybe a treat every now and then. But every possible waking minute?! DD will not eat anything unless it's JUNK. I say no but my mom gives her candies, chips, cookies and juices etc. "We are her grandparents, we are supposed to spoil." Okay yes maybe that's her "right" but when I say no and then she says yes and undermines me, in front of DD it peeves me. We live with my parents, we aren't just visiting. Creating unhealthy eating at a young age

3. I say no, DD throws a fit and my mother asks or I should say yells "why is she crying, what did you do to her?!" I'm parenting my child, that's what I did. She throws tantrums knowing that grandma will defend her so ultimately she gets her way.

These are the issues I can think of plus my daughter is calling her mama or mom. It hurts. I feel like my mom is trying to take my child from me. She has even threatened me with CPS on multiple accounts one being emotional abuse because I won't let DD have a bottle.


Ev - posted on 12/16/2015




You either need to sit mom down and explain that you are the parent and she needs to step back and let you do so or move out.

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