Grandma raising a teenage boy.

Judy - posted on 10/07/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've had my grandson since he was 4 1/2. He is now 13. I was told when he was around 6ish that he may have Asperger. I had forgot all about it until I ran into an article while looking for arthritis pain of all things, for myself. Anyway.. I figure there was a reason for runing into the article. After reading more on it, I'm 90% sure he does have it. He focus's on one thing forever it seems.. FOOD.. he just has to have that one item for supper every day..nothing else until he is burnt out on it.. friends..he'll hang with just that one kid and leave out the others for a long time. He is a follower.. its hard for him to see the bad in someone, unless they happen to be extremely bad. Has a heart of gold, specially for the younger children, animals, the hurt, anyone who is going through something. He cant stand wearing long sleeve shirts. Clothes have to be of a soft materiel..even his coats, blankets..ex. As long as he is interested in what is being taught, he does great..but if he is not interested, he spaces off and looses interested. Math use to be his best subject...but then missed one week, got way behind and then just gave up. Now he's back to being ok with it. Loves on the team at school..but ask him who he played against, and he'll tell u he dont know. He just loves to play. He has been diagnosed with RAD, ADHD, separation anxiety, & PTSD. He was on medication for the anxiety's and ADHD but is no longer on anything. He has learned to control himself. His father also had ADHD and he too was taken off of meds in his later teens for the same reason. I just signed into this group, having never even knew of it before.but let me tell u this.. I sure wish i had known of it many yrs ago when I first got my grandson. I have been handed a child at the age of 4 who didnt even know how to eat with a fork, or spoon. He ate with his hands. He was potty trained but didnt know how to wipe his butt. To this day, he is emotionally behind by a couple yrs than his peers. Most ppl look at him and see a healthy, fun loving, teenage boy of 13. People tell me..oh look out, hormones are at work. But u know, he really dont see girls as anything but someone to hang with.. and that they annoy him. <--- his words. lol


Melissa - posted on 10/08/2015




Hi Judy! Welcome to the group, I'm glad you're here. I don't have any experience with Asperger's or ADHD, wish I could help more there. Have you talked to his pediatrician about his health/mental health? Does he see a counselor? Just wondering if it's possible for diagnosis to change over the years, might be helpful to have someone assess him. If he's doing well without meds, then that's great. Maybe a doc or counselor could give you tools to help him in his daily routine so everything runs smoother. And kudos to you for raising him, that has to be challenging!

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