Grandma running from Police

Rhonda - posted on 11/19/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I hadn't seen my grandchildren in one year after moving to Arizona. I was so excited about this trip. My 36 year old daughter and I have always had a close releationship and highly valued the relationship of me with the grandchildren. My daughter recently separated from her husband, kicked him out of the house and invited the new boyfriend to move in. (she met him at a bar and known 1 month) I had just bought $200 worth of food because she's been short and paid $1000.00 rent for her because she didn't have it. I also brought two Ragdoll kittens which are very expensive that I breed for her to start breeding was going to teach her about them; I also bought all the necessary things to go along for the kittens. Her boyfriend has no job or car. When I arrived he was nice but then some strange behavior started happening. My grandkids are 16 and 11. I was at my granddaughters school and knew they both had dentist appointments so I texted my daughter and told her I had gotten a rental car for the week and was at the school and asked if she would like me to take both kids to the dental appts. Her response was, "you take those kids and I'll call the police!" I was shocked because there has never ever been any mistrust or problems with my daughter and I . When I arrived home, the boyfriend, she and the the grandkids were all outside in the back yard. He promptly told he after I put the groceries in the fridge that He has taken down the license on my rental car. Again, I was shocked. I laughed for a moment and said what is going on here? You don't know me. or my family and from what you just said, you are the biggest "Fing" Moroan idot I've ever met. And then he forbid my daughter to go with me to UCSC and Santa Cruz which was our plan and she submitted to him. I made her look at me and asked her if she was going along with this disrespectful behavior after all the miles I've traved, time I've waited and $$ I've saved to bless them. She said yes and that I was going to have to get a motel if I wanted to see the kids. I couldn't believe it. I was ashamed of the things I said in front of the grandchildren after that but I told him off and grabbed the Ragdoll kittens, told my daughter she didin't deserve the opportunity to have these beautiful animals I've sacraficed so hard to breed and felt so bad for the grandchildren. I left that day in the rental car and drove all the way back to Arizona with the kittens crying and forfeiting my airline roundtrip ticket and time with the grandkids. I was so emotionally distressed I couldn't even think. He called the police on me as I took the kittens and I saw the police coming down the road as I left. I'm still so sad. I talked her into coming here for thanksgiving to see my mother who is 93 with the kids and she is but I have no idea what she is giong to be like. I paid for their trip. God help us.

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