Grandma speaks bad about me to kids, help!

Rosemarie - posted on 03/25/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I would like to keep this brief, looking for opinions, but don't want to lose anyone's interest in a long story. Basically, my children are 12 and 9, me and their father are not together and haven't been for 9 years. He lives with his parents, he is 31 years old. He just recently got a job, so he has been dependent on his parents for sometime and yes owes me a lot of child support (another subject for another day). His mom loves to be in control of everything, she gets extremely upset when I sign my kids up for sports or theater lessons, claims it interferes with "their" very limited visitation time. I try to sign them up for things that do not occur on their time, but its not easy when they are over there every other weekend. Anyhow, to retaliate she has resorted to speaking poorly about me in front of my kids. She tells them terrible lies about me which my kids do not believe, but she makes them feel very uncomfortable. She even resorted to calling children services on me which turned out great, the lady apologized for time wasted in an un-necessary visit. When my daughter told her she knew it was her who called children services, she was scolded, put in time out and was told it was probably my family that did it. My children's father had already slipped and told us his mom called them. So my daughter was punished because she confronted her on this. She has no contact with her other grandchildren bore to her youngest son and it was his choice because of the way his mother talks about his wife. I hope I'm not losing anyone here. Anyhow, my children do not want to be around her, they keep asking me to not make them go there, but there is a court visitation order in place and since their dad lives there they are forced to go there and be around her. I want to go to court and not so much modify the visitation order but to make it so their grandmother isn't around them. My childrens father does whatever his mother tells him to, don't bite the hand that feeds you is the only thing I can think of. He will not make decisions on his own regarding visitation, he always has to talk to his mom first. My daughter is going to school crying because she is upset thinking about going to her grandmothers that day, she has been sent to the counselor because she has been so teary in school. I feel like I need concrete evidence to pursue this in court. Can anyone relate? Suggestions? Opinions? Thank you for listening.


Amber - posted on 03/25/2014




Sounds like to me she needs to get a life and pull her head out her ass she is damaging her relationship with her grandkids...lf i were you i would not feed her appetite any longer confront her and tell her sbe either stops this mess....or visitations will be surpervised with long as you have a good relationship with your kids everything will be fine with you and the kids

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