Grandmom verses Great grand mom

Luanna - posted on 08/25/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm a new great grand mom. I've always be very close to my grand children. My daughter is a new grand mom and we are at odds over new baby. What is my role now. My daughter wants to do it all herself and I want to create a bond with this new baby great grand child


Angela - posted on 08/26/2014




Your role is as a great grandparent. Your daughter's role is as a grandparent. The pair of you need to butt out and allow the baby's PARENTS to call the shots! Statements such as "My daughter wants to do it all herself" suggest that the child's parents aren't getting much say in this new child's life!


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Gena - posted on 08/25/2014




My son has two great grand moms. Unfortunatly one of them dont live in the same country as we do. My mom is totaly in her role as a grand mother,taking my son to do fun things or jumps in if i need help. The great grand mother that lives here doesnt do so much,but she isnt the youngest so i understand that she cant "do more". We visit her and she is always happy to see her only great grand child,but she doesnt look after him or does the same stuff like my mom does. I am not quite sure if there is a special "role" as a great grand mother..i am not even sure what a granny is supposed to do,because my husbands parents for example only sends our son presents for xmas and come to his bday party..other then that we hardly have contact. We have never had a fight,but they live 45min away and they spend their time with my nephew and niece because they live closer. I think its nice if you can bond with your great grand child,and be there if your daughter or the babys mom needs you. And congratulations on being a great grand mother!

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