Grandmother kicked me out over a dog ran to courts to get custody but

Bonnetta - posted on 07/11/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




So two days after thanksgiving, my daughters grandma kicked me and her dad out over a dog into the cold, she ran to the courts and got custody for us being homeless. I am now not homeless and she has repeatedly used my child against me as leverage, I finally have a police report showing her doing so, how likely would it be to get the judge to give me my daughter back or give her to another family member? She has also just blocked all my family from her Facebook and my daughter has told my aunt and I that her grandma has told her to tell the cops that her father molested her. All this happened over the weekend. I notified the detective today. I'm wondering if that will help in court? They never went after her father because there wasn't enough evidence and I'm wondering if that's why??? She's trying to alienate my daughter from her father and I. I'm newly married and my aunt lives with us, so there is more than enough stability and she has repeatedly tried to use my daughter as a weapon against me. Her father has turned to drugs after the accusations so it's been a bitter all out with me and her grandmother and its toxic and detrimental to my daughter to have to keep dealing with this woman. She's bipolar and schizophrenic and I just need to know if I have enough evidence with the police report and with what my daughter said, to getting her back or getting my aunt to have joint custody or custody. She is five and my daughter has been with me all but ten days since May first, in violation of the original orders till they got changed today to me having her on the weekends. Which was coerced by her grandma I didn't get a full say in the change of parenting time bc she used my daughter to get her way when we submitted the form. She has shown her true colors numerous times to myself, husband and my aunt (who raised me) she continually does this every time I don't agree with her she blocks me or talks crap or stops letting me around my daughter like she banned me from her house now too. Bc I wouldn't tell my daughter to not use the word hate. She's a city girl and hates where we are bc of her grandmas bs and we are stuck two hours from the city. So now all of a sudden I'm not allowed the same privileges I had before we changed the parenting time. Which was supposed to be supervised bc she lied to the courts the first time. She exaggerated everything she could.


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