Grandmother teaching grandchildren bad words

Nidi - posted on 12/10/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




What should i do? Due to some problems i have to stay with my parents and my "mother " is making my life miserable.she speaks bad words that are restricted even for adults and when i tells her not to speak so in front of my 31 month old,she starts teaching her telling her to repeat aftr her.what do i do????pls help.....


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Taylor Walker Loan - posted on 12/11/2014




All you have to do is to set your mum down and tell her to stop using such words to your kids. She is your mum and also her grand kids

Gena - posted on 12/10/2014




I agree with Sarah! Ask her those questions. And if she is teaching her those words so that she repeats it,tell your mom you dont want your child to use that language.

Sarah - posted on 12/10/2014




Well she is a grown up and you are in her house, so she has the right to expect a level of freedom in her speech. Have you tried to explain to her that your child is repeating her foul language and you find it embarrassing? Would she have tolerated you saying such words?
I wonder how old is your mom? Does she have any sort of health issues? If she is having some early dementia (no offense) she may not be able to sensor her language.
Is she actually coaching your child to repeat her? if so, it is time to get out.

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