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Vanessa - posted on 06/22/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So just a few days ago I got a summons for a grandparent visitation. I use to live with my ex in laws for about 3 yrs have two kids the oldest will be 4 in July and the smallest just turned 1 in June. Yes both lived there since birth. I moved out December. I got a boyfriend he's perfect great father figure for both my children. My oldest knows her grandparents but my smallest one doesn't what are the chances of the court denying them when there guns in the house, ungated pool in the back yard, and just found out the father is moving back in and he is unfit and leaves guns anywhere and he looks like he uses drugs. The father doesn't help for nothing has not even tryed to get a hold of me to see his daughters. Please lady's I need help. On my paper work it says why is it my best interests on NO visitition


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Your best interest is not what they are asking. You need to state why it would be in the CHILDREN'S best interest to not have their rightful knowledge of and relationships with the other half of their family. The courts will also take into consideration that you lived with the grandparents for over three years.

Your statement must be based solely in provable facts. No speculation or hearsay. Saying "he looks like a drug addict" will not be productive. If you have solid proof of current drug use, you may submit that.

Ev - posted on 06/22/2016




Have you taken care of custody, visitation, and child support?
First, custody and visitation are standard things and can be done through the courts to give you and dad your obligations with the kids set in stone.
Second, child support that is not court ordered will never come unless dad is very good about doing it on his own or something; otherwise; it has to be court ordered. So because he has not paid support for his kids, he does not have to until the court tells him too.
Third, as for the grandparent visitation, if your state allows it, they can ask for it.
Fourth, as for the guns lying about or even being in the home as long as they are locked up and the kids can not get to them, I do not think a judge is going to say much. I can not say for sure but it does not mean the judge is going to say no. As for the ungated pool, you can ask it be ordered to be gated....problem solved. As for dad moving back in, it is their house and you can not tell them who or what to have in their home period. If dad leaves guns around and is doing drugs you have to provide proof of that.

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