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Why can't grandparents respect ur parenting style and always gotta put their two cents in??????


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Because they raised u and will always see you as their baby. they also think that they know what they are talking about because they have done it before. just stick strong to what you want for your kids.

Louise - posted on 03/05/2011




All parents think they are raising their kids the write way and everybody else is wrong. They are simply trying to help the only way they know how. Believe me when you are in their shoes you will not be able to resist putting your two pennith in! It is purely human nature! Don't be to hard on them just say, things have moved on since you had your children and I am raising my child with todays values.

Amber - posted on 03/04/2011




Usually, it comes from a helpful just doesn't come across that way. No matter how old we are, we'll always be their children. And they'll always feel like they have to "guide us in the right direction". Even if their map is decades old and no longer relavent.

I always try to nicely, but firmly, tell them that I know they did a great job of raising their children, but that it is now my turn. And I remind them that there are new studies, research, and methods for doing things now. I invite them to find viable research to refute my decisions if they think I'm so wrong.
And you know....once she looked into the research once, she realized that I wasn't as off as she thought :) It doesn't make things perfect, but maybe it helped a little.

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