Grandparents raising emotionally troubled grsndson

Marti - posted on 12/29/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Just looking for feedback and a starting place for help with my 5 1/2 yr old grandson. We've had him since he was 11 months old, CA took him from his mom and she begged me to take him. I love him to the moon. Here's the problem. He got a double.dose.of emotional problems. that escalated when kindergarten began and all the activity kicked in full gear. ADHD, bi-polar, etc. My dilemma is the UNSOLICITED advice from every Tom, Dick and Mary that comes down the pike Spoiled rotten, needs a good whipping, the I tell you what's. And in the grocery store, strangers staring at a meltdown, looking at me with disgust and rude comments said loudly for me to hear. Mt baby is ill , just as ill a child with cancer, leukemia or Downs Syndrome. I'd like to find a.poem or open letter for my own sake to address these problems. I'm 58,

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