Grandparents Visitation rights

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My daughter has treated us very badly for years and now she has 3 kids and she will not let us see them. We don't approve of her life style but we try to keep our mouths shut. But the pain of not seeing the kids is killing me and the Holidays will be so hard to get through with out seeing the kids. I just don't know how to handle the disapointment of not seeing them. We have not yet gone to a lawyer, I do hate to do it that way, but I guess we will have too. Do Grandparents really have any rights?


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Depends on where you are. Some places do, some places don't. Some have more than others. You would have to take a look at your local laws and see what you're entitled to.

Talk to a lawyer and look for groups that cater to grandparents in your situation. Most areas have them (either within the state or province, or more locally). A representative will be able to set you up with resources that can help you. Even if you just Google something like *grandparents rights in ___*, you should come up with some resources and you can go from there. You should also find a lawyer that specialized in custody battles and especially one who does at least some work for grandparents.

The thing is, be ready for a lengthy court battle. This process could take years, depending on the parties involved. It will be costly and it will be heartbreaking at times. You will alienate your daughter doing this and it could very well destroy any hope you have of ever having a relationship with her.

I'm not saying this to dissuade you. I was the child in a a somewhat similar situation. My grandparents fought for custody of me for almost 3 years. They ended up with guardianship and visitation. I don't remember anything about it, but I've heard enough stories. My mom eventually did give them custody when I was 6, but that had nothing to do with the courts. It was the best thing my mom ever did for me, giving me up to my grandparents.

I just want you to go in fully prepared for the consequences. It will break your heart and try to break your spirit. There may be some dirty fighting. Anything painful in your past, any mistakes you've made, may be dredged up. Be prepared for the worst thing you've ever gone through. But if your grandkids mean that much to you, absolutely fight for them. It'll be worth it, for them and for you :)

I wish you the best of luck :)

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