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I am a Grandma, but also a Mom. I will be taking care of my Grandson when my daughter travels starting next week. It will only be a couple of days a week,but he is a really challenging kid.
I feel he is disrespectful to his Mom, and want to try and work on some stuff with him. The problem stems from a Divorce, and a Dad that does not spend a lot of time with him, and has a new girlfriend that emcompasses his free time. Dad recently moved into a new place with the ll yr. old, and another son who he was not a big part of his life either from 8-21 yrs. Now the dad leaves to go to the girlfriend, and tells his ll yr. old he is going to the He then has his 21 yr. old son take the ll yr. old to school. The other night the ll yr. old tried calling his Dad all throughout the night from 10:00 pm and right through to 6:00 am. so he got hardly any sleep over the anxiety of not being able to reach his Father. My Daughter/his Mom works hard and has him at a Tutor, and in Karate, and he is learning the Trumpet, he doesn't like any of it. Children should not have to worry like this, and it breaks my heart. I want to show him when i am with him how much he is loved, and teach him to be more respectful. i think he has learned disrespect from his father to women in general, but that behavior will gt him no where in life. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it very much.

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