grandson not sleeping

Mary - posted on 10/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was the primary care giver for my grandson up until abot six months ago when his mom took him with her. She recently was not able to care for him and we have him back. He no longer sleeps more than a couple a hours and than screams unless I am right beside him. My husband and I have not had a full nights sleep in a month. My daughter thinking there might be something in it for here exposed my grandson to he biological dad that molested nboth her and her brother. I do not know what to do. I do not want to think the worst as I really do not want to think my the worst of my daughter allowing my grandson to be exposed to a molestor knowingly. please any helpful ideas would be appreciated.


DeAnn - posted on 10/11/2012




How old is he?

I'm sorry to say, he may be disturbed. Something isn't right with your daughter or the choice of people she's around if he was taken away.

I'm not quite clear - is she accusing your husband/boyfriend of molesting her and her brother? If so, the child should not be with you, either.

It's time to seek professional help to find out what's going on. If he's too young to speak, play therapy can still help identify abuse in children as young as 18 months old. Get him to a doctor to be examined for signs of abuse and to a therapist to assess what's going on. He may just be upset at the lifestyle setting. Kids need consistency. Obviously he trusts you. Don't let him down.

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