Growbag at night - 13 month baby floats all over the crib and gets stuck - Does your LO do this?

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My little girl wriggles ALL over at night ... i mean ALL OVER!!

Becuase of this i use a growbag to ensure she is warm.

These days, she moves so much, that she kinda gets stuck as the bag restricts her, she gets stuck sideways in the crib, or stuck on her tummy ... I usually have to go into her room every 3 hours or so to help her out! sometimes i wonder if she gets stuck just cos she knows i will come!!!

She seems to sit up and just fall to the side or forward cos she wants to change position but cant really go anywhere cos of the bag ....

Does anyone have any solutions?

if i let her out the growbag, she would never stay in one place and the duvet would be kicked off in a second!

is this a phase?


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Bernadette - posted on 03/01/2012




you can get the full-piece sleep suits (onsies, grow suits, whatever you want to call them) in big sizes now. They have fleecy ones for winter. I put my two year old in them last winter, and this coming winter she'll be in them again at 3 yrs. I've seen them go up to sizes for about 12 years old now. They aren't quite as restrictive as the bag.

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My kids pretty much never stop moving when they sleep. It's slowed down for my 10 year olds since they don't have much ROOM to move on their beds, but my almost 4 year old is EVERYWHERE. 99.9% of his life he's never kept a blanket on. I make sure his clothes are warm enough for whatever the temp is.... and let him be. Been doing that w/ him since he was an infant. My only issue is that he rolls on me all the time since we co-sleep. lol

Amy - posted on 02/29/2012




yeah, my daughter wriggles alot, always has! We put her in fleece jammies and when she was little, a small space heater for really cold nights!

Jeanette - posted on 02/29/2012




My daughter has kicked her blankets off heself since she was small and prefers to sleep with nothng covering her She's 3 and still does it. (I have always needed to be covered up till my chin or I can't sleep and here she's totally different) .

Its freaked me out so much that I keep sneaking into her room at night and re-covering her in the hope that she keeps the blanket on her but to no avail. what reassures me is that I have bought her good quality pyjamas that keep her warm during the night and when winter hits us I put a warm fleece blanket onto her shhet so she can lie on it and still feel warm.

I guess some children just stay warm without their duvets or blankets but to make you feel happier install a wall heater and turn it on a couple of hours before your child goes to sleep so that the room stays a constant comfortable warmth during the night.

Rebecca - posted on 02/29/2012




We have this cool thing called a Safe T Sleep Google it. They are quite expensive but it safely Velcro's across their tummy to keep them in one place. Was designed for Cot Death prevention but when my YDS was a mover and groover from 3months I got it for him. It worked for a while anyway.... GOOD LUCK

Krista - posted on 02/29/2012




I hear you. I believe my son break-dances in his sleep. That is the only explanation for the positions in which I find him.

If the gro-bag is starting to become a hindrance, then it might be time to just go to really warm fleecy footy pajamas. You can always put a onesie underneath, as an extra layer of warmth. You can try a blanket (crocheted ones are good, if you're worried about it being over her face), and really, if she's cold, she's old enough now that she'll express her 3am, like mine does.

Elfrieda - posted on 02/29/2012




Footie pajamas. My son never keeps his blankets on, but he's got warm jammies and so it doesn't matter.

Sara - posted on 02/29/2012




get rid of the grobag. Socks and fleece footed pjs will keep her warm if she does kick the blanket off. All 4 of mine figured out pretty quick how to get under the blanket if they were cold. and of course, keep the room a bit warmer.

Johnny - posted on 02/27/2012




My daughter was like that. It actually got worse when I stopped using the gro-bag. I actually went back to it for a while. Lots of little ones are very migratory while sleeping. Mine also hated footie pajamas & sleepers. So even now, when she's 3, I sneak into her room and re-cover her cold little feet. The gro-bag can actually be safer because they can't tangle themselves up in it like they can with blankets.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/27/2012




Get rid of the growbag. Go to footed sleepers, and warm blankets. My kids figured out that if they wriggled out of their blankets, they got cold, so they figured out how to pull them back up. That will give her the mobility necessary to readjust her position without "tying her up" in the bag and limiting mobility.

September - posted on 02/27/2012




Personally, I would get rid of the growbag and make sure she has warm PJ's and your house is warm.

Sarah - posted on 02/27/2012




Get a warm sleeper (fleece) and put a onsie and socks on underneath. If she rolls out of the blankets she'll still be plenty warm.

Kay - posted on 02/27/2012




If it is a phase, neither my sixteen month old nor my five year old have outgrown it yet. For that matter, neither have my sisters at eighteen and twenty, lol.

Both of my boys wiggle all over. We are moving the older into a bigger bed--he flops right over the side sometimes. I have never had success keeping blankets on them. Their room is the toastiest in the house because of the measures we have taken to try to keep it warm when they kick off the blankets lol.

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