Growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!

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My 10 year old wants to wear short shorts, She is tall and looks like that of a 13 year old. She says its apart of the fashion. So what do I do? Tell her no you cant wear them and throw them out or continue to let her wear short shorts because she likes them? She is very mature for her age in body but she is still a 10 year old girl. If I do take them away how should I approach this subject without a fight, Is it possible?


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I don't personally like short shorts on perfectly formed 16+ yr olds.
See if you can come to some kind of a compromise. Instead of short shorts, how about a short that comes halfway down to the knee?
Short don't HAVE to be SUPER short. You can compromise on shorter shorts that are a bit longer than super short shorts.
It's still probably going to be a bit of a fight, that's unavoidable. But go in calm, stay calm. be willing to listen to her, but when you hit your comfort level, don't budge.


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How short are these shorts? If she bends at all can you see her butt cheeks? That would get a hell no from me! If you think they are too short tell her she is welcome to wear them all she wants... as long as she has tights/leggings/etc... under them... or is wearing a dress over them.

I'm sorry. I was at the gym the other day and this kid (9-11ish) was messing around on some equipment in front of me and I could see her butt. Her attitude and her attire just made me think 'slut'. I HATE that I thought that cuz I HAVE a 10 year old girl, but seriously? I used that opportunity to talk to my child about the way other people will perceive her if she looks like that.

Ask your child what message she wants to send to other people...

It does depend a bit on how short you are talking though. My daughter does have some shorts that I think are too short, but she also has LONG legs. My general guideline now is that if it's too short for school (at the thumb tip when arms are at your side)... you must have something underneath or you can wear them under a dress.

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Let her wear them. However consider this ...... She may look 13 but is 13 old enough for whatever impression you feel that her wearing those shorts will give?

Fashion really matters to young girls. It's got a lot to do with what their peers are doing. If she looks grown-up for her age it mightn't be so easy to get her suitably "childlike" clothing to fit her in the size she is now.

I always feel sorry for children who look older than their age but whose parents are trying to keep them as young as possible - it's so much more NOTICEABLE! A 10 year old who is the size of a 10 year old dressed like a 10 year old will blend in. A 10 year old who looks like she's 13 but wearing the clothing of a younger child will stick out like a sore thumb!

An amazingly pretty young girl that I once knew was kept in socks right up till she was 16! Not even fashionable socks but the standard three-quarter socks that were popular a decade or two earlier! She was still very pretty but looked like a 12 year old or younger. She left home the day after her 16th birthday and moved in with a man a lot older. Allowing her to grow up and giving her some freedom may have prevented this rebellion!

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