Growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!

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My 10 year old wants to wear short shorts, She is tall and looks like that of a 13 year old. She says its apart of the fashion. So what do I do? Tell her no you cant wear them and throw them out or continue to let her wear short shorts because she likes them? She is very mature for her age in body but she is still a 10 year old girl. If I do take them away how should I approach this subject without a fight, Is it possible?


Denikka - posted on 08/13/2012




I don't personally like short shorts on perfectly formed 16+ yr olds.
See if you can come to some kind of a compromise. Instead of short shorts, how about a short that comes halfway down to the knee?
Short don't HAVE to be SUPER short. You can compromise on shorter shorts that are a bit longer than super short shorts.
It's still probably going to be a bit of a fight, that's unavoidable. But go in calm, stay calm. be willing to listen to her, but when you hit your comfort level, don't budge.


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