Gurgling air in my 2 months old's belly making feedings a challenge - is this normal???

Lauren - posted on 12/20/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My now 2 month old - poor little man - is really suffering from wind! Let me begin by saying he has a pretty shallow latch, and he tends to lose the suction in the corners of his mouth during feedings unless he's very relaxed and eating slowly (like at night). In the last week or two he's been doing this thing during breastfeeding where he'll start to nurse, and I'll hear the clicking sound of the suction break and then I'll hear air gurgle inside his belly. Sometimes he just keeps on nursing, occasionally he stops a second and pulls off and squeaks in protest with an accompanying hit of his fist on my breast before re-latching... But after this happens a few times, he will pull off and start crying really hard or even screaming like he's in serious pain. Then he gets so upset that I have to settle him, and more often than not that takes awhile and then he gets more frustrated because he's hungry though he's crying and won't latch on again. This results in lots of snacking and less lengthy, quality feeds. I try to burp him often but it he won't always burp. I use Simethicone suspension (Lefax, we live in Germany) before his daytime meals, and when it gets really bad and I can't get him to burp I'll give him Gripe Water which usually helps, but by the time we get to that step he's so stressed out that he won't eat or sleep. I'd like to know if others have experience with this - specifically the drinking > air bubble sounds in stomach > crying and refusing to nurse situation. Sometimes he'll be awake for HOUUUURRRS because he's cramping up. There are nights where he only sleeps 10 hours or so because he's crying and we can't settle him no matter what we try! We've even taken him to the ER because he was crying so hard and so long that we were concerned something was really wrong :( the Doctor only said, "He has a lot of air in his belly." We've tried everything - caraway suppositories, simethicone, bicycling his legs, warm compress, belly massage, keeping him upright for feedings, burping, Gripe Water, carrying him often in the carrier.... I'm at the end of my rope here and can't get away for five minutes. I feel like I'm always soothing him and hate seeing him in pain like this :(


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