had 20 week ultrasound other week my son has a lip and pailte cleft ne 1 else gone threw it?

Nicole - posted on 08/12/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am feeling fine now about it after looking at all the info, just wanted to know more about all the people you have to see and the things he will go threw.


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H.J - posted on 08/12/2009




I had a cleft palate when I was born. I had surgery to repair the soft palate and underwent speech therapy for the majority of my childhood and had braces and a plate for 6yrs. Nobody would even know I had a cleft palate when I was born if I didn't tell them. In Australia we have the world's best specialist Dr David David who is a member of the Cranio facial foundation. Look him up he is fantastic he is at the Womans and Children's Hospital in Adelaide. Also look up Dr John Barker he is a fantastic cranio facial orthodontist. But the Woman's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide is at the cutting edge when it comes to children with cleft lip and palates. I hope I'm helping. The worst thing I went through was a lack of self confidence when I talked as a child. Now I'm so grateful for it because it has made me a more confident speaker as an adult. Good luck and if you want any more info just let me know. Also become a medicare prescribed patient through the cranio facial foundation, as you don't have to pay for any thing related to his treatment through them. My mum never paid a cent for my treatment. I'm 27 and the government pays for my treatment up until this birthday. So keep your chin up. My mum wouldn't change the trips to the hospital for the world nor would I it was great bonding time!

Cassandra - posted on 08/12/2009




my grandma has this and there are surgerys as you may know to help fix it...sometimes the surgery can make it nearly impossible to tell that he even had it...but even so....i wish you the best of luck with it...

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