had first period is it normal for second one ti not be on time


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Guest - posted on 04/07/2014




Yes, that is normal. It can take a few months for the cycle to become regular again.

Sarah - posted on 04/07/2014




First 1 from stopping bleeding after the birth of my son 10 weeks ago before I was pregnant my period was all ways out by a day or 2 thanks heaps

Ashley - posted on 04/06/2014




Please specify. First period ever? If so, then it may not be the same time. When I had my first I went 4 months before I had another. My stepmom swore up and down I was pregnant. Lol. I hadnt even kissed a boy. I even heard her on the phone talking about making me an appointment to see if I was, but that never happened cuz I called my mom and told her and im pretty sure she put an end to that theory of my stepmoms. Anyways, if its first one after having a baby, then same thing, you might just need to get back on track and level out hormones but it can take time. Especially if you started any new birth control or have any post partum depression or even stress. If your talking about first one since stopping birth control, then same thing again. You have to get your hormones leveled out and it migh take a little time to get back to normal. Or you could just be like I used to be, and no matter what period it was, it was never the same. Never came the same time, sometimes skipped months, sometimes had 2 a month, never knew if it would be heavy or light and never knew how many days it would last.

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