had mirena removed 15 days ago

Victoria - posted on 05/22/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




In March of 2012 I had mirena implanted after My second son. In april of 2014 I began to notice brown discharge I also started cramping really bad in my abdomen. Sometimes it hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. I also began having headaches so bad they kept me awake at night. My emotions and moods were unbelievable, I couldn't decide what I wanted ( kinda felt crazy). In may 2014 I began having serious dizzy spells and fatigue. Felt like fainting couldn't sleep emotional. April 28 2014 I went to planned parenthood for removal but the strings were gone! Two days later I went to the hospital did ultra sound outside the body and inside dr. Finally found sttings in ultra sound but my iud was turned and strings were way up there. I then went to see primary dr. And she also was unable to find the strings. Finally I went to iu and they did not do a pregnancy test but one dr. Was unable to remove the iud after dialateing my cervix another dr. Came in and dialated my cervix again And held my uterus down cause it was high up and successful at removal. May 7 2014 was removal date sexually active with my partner everyday. And two days after removal I spotted pink then red then dark red just when I peed or had intercourse. Now its gone. Could I have gotten pregnant in april

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