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Deslannee - posted on 01/19/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




i died my hair, and threw a long tired day. i sat down to rest my eyes for the 20 mins that it takes to set in. no telling how much time later i woke up in a panic remembering that i had left the die in my hair...... well i ran to wash it out and to my surprise, all my hair in the back fell out in clumps......lucky for me i did only the back so i could still cover up the back with the front. but my question to you is. how do i get it to grow back.... when my hair fell out there was no brushing it no combing nothing! it just was not there. now a month later i have been using this product do grow. and its been growing back.. i can now come threw it but its only a few inches grown..... what are some tips on getting my hair to grow back full and healthy and long. i want my hair back and it kills me that i have to wear ponytails or a braid.. i just want the full thick head of hair back that i once had. but i want to keep it healthy and strong this time... can anyone help?


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Deslannee - posted on 01/19/2010




well my son is 2. i would not dye your hair at all. your body takes over a year to return to health some take longer. id say when the baby was at least three cuz then u know for sure..... there are many ways to get a makeover without dyeing your hair.... i have been using do grow. i hope that it works. so far so good. like i said i am able to comb threw it now as i was not able to when it first fell out. what u do to your hari because u dont like it. when its gone its gone. and i swear learn from all the examples out there. my mom on the other hand hat to cut of all her hair last year because it became very tangled and notted up after using extensions. but luckly for her her hair grew back down past her shoulders in about nine months. i wounder if i have her jeans?

Sarah - posted on 01/19/2010




so..I have a quick question. its kind o funny that I saw this because I was just tellin my cousin I want a huge hair make over after I give birth.. from what I've have read dyin your hair isnt a very good idea after pregnancy?? how long should you wait untill you do??

Lorea - posted on 01/19/2010




i had some kind of an experience with my hairs too, after my daughter was born i went to get my hair done,dyed,after the dye i came home, the next day washed my hair and most of my hair was at the bottom of the tub. i thought oh hormones all my hair is thining out. welll as i was brushing more came out i looked closely in the mirror and saw stubble the chemicals had burned off my hair, and i have had my hair dyed for years,i guess the lack of nutrients after giving birth or what ever caused my hair to be brittle i just caulked it up to another thing to avoid after prgnancy, until the body is settled again. so fortunately that was 19 months ago i have had my hair dyes again and it is growing back but rather slowly lucky for me it was all over a little bit here and there, not one big clump. good luck,sorry can't help but maybe by sharing this story it helped??

Lori - posted on 01/19/2010




You should try to take some prenatal vitamins. Its going to take a while but eventually it will grow in and be nice n full.

Krista - posted on 01/19/2010




There are no tips. Your hair grows, on average, one half an inch a month. Hair and nails DO grow faster in the summer or in places that experience a lot of vitamin D year round, but I'm assuming you don't live there. It's going to take some time to grow it back out. My advice would be to either let it grow a bit more and then cut it all to the same length, or get some extensions to cover it up.

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