Half-Sibling's Jealousy

Raye - posted on 05/03/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Background: My father had two kids (girl and boy) with his previous wife. My mom had a kid (girl) with her previous husband. I was the only child from my mom and dad. So, I have a half brother and sister on my dad's side (BD and SD), and a half sister on my mom's side (SM).

Problem: I got invited to, and went to, SD's wedding. I spent time with my brother and sister, and got to know them a little better (up until 4 years ago, I had been separated from them for 28+ years). When I got back, SM got all pissed off that she hadn't been invited. I grew up with this sister, but we don't really have a close relationship. And, other than "friending" them on Facebook, SM has not made any other efforts to visit or contact BD or SD. I have traveled thousands of miles to see these siblings, and phoned, texted, e-mailed, snail mailed, Facebooked, etc. to stay in touch.

Question: Does SM have a right to be mad? I feel she's very selfish, and trying to make things about her that are in no way about her. My BD and SD are MY blood, not hers. My mom wasn't invited either, and she spent time with BD and SD as their step-mom when they were kids. She wasn't bent all out of shape about it. Why can't some people just be happy for others?


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Raye, you've got it in a nutshell. Sounds like SM has jealousy and attention issues...

Hang in there!

Sarah - posted on 05/03/2016




IMO she has no business being upset with you. You had no control over the guest list, and for her to be angry about it is absurd. More than likely she is jealous that you still have a realtionship (and it sounds like a closer one) with BD and SD than you do with her.


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Ev - posted on 05/03/2016




She sounds just like my kids' second step mom when my kids both graduated high school she was not listed in the parents name area under the senior pictures in the news paper insert for the grads, she did not like the choices they made for pictures and stuff for the church honoring the grads with a special Sunday thing, and when my daughter married she had fits about her two boys (step brothers) not being in the wedding, the seating arrangements, and a few other things.

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