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I seem to be "half-way logged into my account." I don't know a better way to describe it.

Up in the corner where the little notification bell that turns pink when someone likes your post, it says "Log In" but when I click it to log in, I just get a page full of ads.

The site is letting me post to conversations, and it knows it's me, but I can't see any of my notifications or PM's, and I have a random list of communities under the communities tab. To see the communities I have actually joined, I have to find a thread that I've posted to, and click on my name, which takes me to my profile. I still can't log in or out though.

Any help? It's been this way for several days now. It didn't bother me at first because these glitches usually get resolved very quickly on this site. Sorry for the public post about it, but I can't contact anyone privately because I can't access those parts of the site.




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Community - posted on 05/06/2013




Hi Kelly,

Please let me know if the below recommendation still does not work by emailing community_management@circleofmoms.com.



Community Manager

Jodi - posted on 05/03/2013




Hi Kelly, this is an issue that has been reported. I know I had the issue a couple of weeks ago, but it seems to have resolved itself, so I can't say what the problem is. I will let them know it is still happening.

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