Handling a male chauvinistic husband

Sudha - posted on 04/21/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Today I have been searching for the persons on internet, who have the same problem that I have. This is the problem I have with my husband. Not for 1 or 2 years, but for 22 of marriage. Yesterday, he put me down in front of a group of people that I ended up feeling killing myself or killing him so that I may live happily the rest of my life. If police and law is not existing in this world, this is what I would have done long back. The main problem is, he behaves okay when in home, but if we are in the midst of a group of relatives or friends, especially if there are ladies in that group, he suddenly splits and we just don't understand what he blabbers. All of a sudden, he attacks me by putting me down in front of people who are not at all better than me (in fact, I am in a high positioned place in my job and everywhere I go I would always be appreciated for my caliber and job skills). I am bearing him only for my children's sake as I don't like the idea of putting my children under Single Parenting. Every single day, he criticizes me for petty things like, the bathroom door being opened by mistake, having a spider somewhere in the house, he questions whether I cleaned my self properly or not after going to washroom, whether I showered properly or not, saying that he washes himself with lots of water using so much of soap and that he is a very clean himself. When I go to washroom, he observes me from the place where he sits or even comes and stands near the washroom, to ask these questions like "did u clean ur self properly, etc." I know he is mentally disordered, BUT.....BUT....he talks to outside people as if he is a perfect gentleman, he talks so sweetly with them that no one can believe that he is THIS KIND OF SPLIT PERSONALITY. He does all this only to make others laugh. If they smile, that's it, he gets hyper and talks such a mean things about me. Or he does it to show other people that he is very much controlling me, he feels that a true man should control a wife like this. I am from INDIA and leaving a husband leads to being looked down and being exposed to embarrassing comments by other people, both men and women. I am fixated that he would be like this only until he dies or I die.

I would appreciate any idea of shutting this male chauvinist's mouth. Is there any medicine that I can put in his food so that his brain dozes off and not be so aggressive. :))


Raye - posted on 04/22/2015




I'm sorry you are going through this, but, you have allowed this behavior for 22 years. Why should he stop now? The time to make him change was 22 years ago. Do not think of killing yourself or him. Do not think of putting drugs in his food. You can't be a good parent to your kids if you are dead or in jail. It's strange to me that you're more worried of the embarrassment of being divorced than the daily torture he puts you through and the embarrassment HE causes you?

How old are your kids? Would you consider divorce once your kids are grown and out of the house?

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