Handling school officials and my child that has adhd and odd

Patricia - posted on 04/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Kayla is in the 5th grade and we moved to a small town about 6 months ago and every since we have been here it has been horrible. She is constantly doing something but they have not tried to set up an IEP or want to follow the IEP from Georgia. The principal is rude and shows that she really do not care for her or me. Recently the librarian told Kayla that she wished that she break her neck because she jumped down 3 stairs at school. I went to the school to address it and after that it seem like all hell broke loss. They called the police on Kayla for running because they were trying to force her to go to the special education class during a time she was not suppose to be there and she was very upset because she wanted to be in her class and felt like she did not do anything to have to go. Once she ran I just feel like they should have called me to come up there like they normally do. The principal is hard to deal with and I really hate talking to her she likes to try to strong arm her and i try to tell them you can't do her like that. What do I need to do about the about this situation?


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I have all disciplinary forms from 6yrs old until now she's 11. I spoke to someone that goes to my church he is a radio talk show host and he is helping me with somethings as well and i have a meeting on tomorrow.

Medic - posted on 04/30/2012




Go above the principal. Do you have all the records from her previous school? Do not back down you are your childs best advocate.

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