Happy New Year to Moms!! Some New Year Resolutions:

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I thought to wish all a Happy New Year. Its a time to renew ourselves and try new things. Its a time to over come old habits, make new habits, and try to gain perspective too. I thought of a few things moms might try to make the new year more mom friendly.

1) For those who have a new baby, enjoy them. Watch them grow and learn during this their first year. Do not be in a hurry to have them grow into a kid. That comes soon enough.

2) For those with toddlers to Pre-K ages: This is a time that these kids will start to initate the want for independence. They also need boundaries. They need to know they are safe and that you will do that. Oh, they will push buttons and try to see how far they get to go with things. But they want those boundaries and do not be afraid to say no and not give in. They need to learn that this world does not owe them and that they can not expect everything their way. Be consistent and they will learn.

3) For those with school age kids (6-12)-These are great years. They are still growing and learning. They are even more fun now and can do things with you. Make the most of these years and find time just for them. Still be consistent in rules and follow through when you have to say no. They can understand at this age. Listen to them. Talk with them not at them. Being a friend is okay to a point but always be the parent first.

4) Teens-You have raised them with the values and morals you want them to know to be productive in their world. You still need to guide them though. Sometimes they are going to have that question that stumps them and you can help guide them to that answer. They are still not going to tell you everything though. Be prepared for that. They are almost adults. Be open to them. Listen to them. These qualities in a parent are important.

5) Adult kids-They have flown the nest to strike out on their own. THe nest is getting smaller. But that does not mean you can not still be part of their lives. You are not going to hear from them every day. And this is normal. Try to set up something where you get together for a meal, or coffee. Just keep in touch. They have to find their own way now. Let them make their choices and even if its not one you like, respect them anyway. You may know their choices are not the right ones, but they have to learn that for themselves. Once they do they will come say, "Mom, you were right."

The most important thing Moms can do for their kids is to tell them everyday and all the time that they love them no matter what. You may not like their choices in men or women, choices in jobs, clothing, what have you. But they need to know that no matter their choices, you are there and you love them.

These lessons were learned during my own kids' lifetime. I still have one to home in high school yet. I am sure there are more things I could put here too but that would be way too long.

Happy New Year!!

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