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Leah - posted on 07/01/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My kids are almost 3 and 5, and I am a stay at home mom raising them on my own. There is a dad, but he is too busy to help. I am finding that they wont listen to me at all, and are putting themselves into danger. The other day, we were getting ready to go out and they were playing out front, the next thing I know, they are gone. I found them at the end of the street trying to get into the backyard. Today while I was in the shower, I lockeed the doors and told my kids that they couldnt go out until I was done. My daughter then turned around and opened the door to let my son out. I found him at the neighbours house in their backyard. Time outs dont seem to be doing any good. Any suggestions?


Ev - posted on 07/01/2014




You should have put boundaries up a long time ago. Just because dad is in the picture does not mean that the two of you could not come up with something to get the kids to mind you. Your five year old is old enough to understand that its dangerous to go out that door without you. Your 3 year old should be able to understand not to go anywhere without you. What makes the dad so busy that he can not help you? Unless he has one of those jobs that works him several hours a day, then I would find that an excuse as he is their father and in my mindset he should be helping to keep them disciplined. You need to start setting boundaries and rules with consequences for them. TIME OUT IS NOT ENOUGH. You need to be consistent. I do not know what else to tell you about this.

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