has a anyone followed the gina ford contented baby routine?did it work?


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Laura - posted on 03/23/2009




thanks guys.....im not following it to the latter but im defo waking him up for 7ish and trying to get lots of feeds in during the day,and he goes to bed at 7,then wakes between 10-11 then 2ish then 5 ish, the daytime routine is harder but since going to formula im working it out,i just dont want 4 yrs of sleepless nites like i did with my first!! haha xx

Angie - posted on 03/23/2009




hi laura, books are all very well,but half the time is to go by what your baby's telling you,one thing you will learn with them is there is no routine, iv'e got 10 kids all were contented babies just work round them,and it will slot into place.xx

User - posted on 03/23/2009




Hi Laura, I used it for both my two and Oliver was sleeping from 7-7 with a feed at 10pm at 9 weeks old and Isabelle was doing the same at 6 weeks! Some of my friends have disregarded it as too strict and that it stressed them out but we used it as a guide and tried to not let it get to us too much when they dint follow it exactly- it does take a few weeks for you and baba to get used to it but I'd definitely use it again! Hope this helps!

Rebecca - posted on 03/23/2009




Hi, It didn't work for me. I tried to follow with my first and got in a pickle trying to follow strictly. After my husband threatened to burn the book I just picked the pieces i liked and left it to my baby Jake and I to work out a routine. Bye Rebecca

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