Has a month to give up Breast feeding :(

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Hi I am a mother who has breast feed both her two little girls the youngest of which is 12 months 2 days. I do on demand breast feeding and my daughter still wakes at night to get milk which was the same for her big sister. Though Charlotte wakes more than her sister ever did at night and seems to require the milk to go back to sleep. In two weeks time I will be going to not feeding at night and my husband will have to settle her again if she wakes. All this change is because I am due to go in to have surgery in April. We have decided that since I have to stay in hospital over night and will be unable to pick her up for around four weeks when we are home it would be best and less scary for her to be weaned before this happens. My question is since I have time should I start alternating bottle one feed breast feed the next for a few weeks or should I just stop cold turkey?


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All I can say is good luck! I was faced w/ weaning my son (2.5) because he was going to be w/ his father for a week. I couldn't do it and he didn't wean. He did fine w/ his father and went back to nursing when he returned.

I just wanted to offer my story for you. Not sure why. ;)

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Ive been there Im going thru it right now but with a younger baby (5 months when I stated weaning). Alternate a feed of your choice during the day, avoid breast feeding to sleep if you so that. Us ea bottle for 3 days then remove another feed. The slower the better so if you have a little time try changing one feed per week. If baby refuses the bottle persist NEVER let her have the breast after starting with the bottle or you have double the trouble the next day. Some days my baby still screams and I mean really screams for 3 hours refusing a bottle before wearing herslef out (6 months now). your baby is 12 months she may understand a little more

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Going cold turkey will be quite painful and uncomfortable for you. I would gradually drop one feed at a time. I agree that going straight onto a cup is probably best, as you won't then have to wean her off a bottle at a later date.


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I quit cold turkey with all of mine. It worked fine. If you get uncomfortable, just express. Within 3 days, all will be fine. I think that it's harder for mommy than it is for baby.

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Since you have time I'd go gently and slowly wean her onto the 'bottle' (at her age she can go straight to a cup instead of a bottle). If she won't take formula or milk, you can try mixing it with breast milk to start and then slowly decrease the amount of breast milk so she gets used to the other taste. Good luck with everything.

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