Has any one tried over a year at 35 to conceive and been successful, even after being told by fertility doctor, there are no issues?

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My husband and I are trying for our first baby together. I have a teenage son from a previous relationship. We had a miscarriage January 2011 and were devastated. We have been trying ever since with no luck. We have even had all the fertility testing done, to be told our tests are perfect. I am 35 and now going on 1 year of trying, we are so scared, it will never happen for us. We got pregnant after 3 mths of trying last time, and we are so confused why we cannot seem to get pregnant again. The doctors keep telling us to try with ovulation kits but it has not helped. We are so frustrated. It is truly heartbreaking to go through this process. Does it really take this long, even after being told nothing is wrong? No one prepares you to go through something like this. It is truly taking over my life and I feel sometimes I cannot be as happy anymore, worrying about getting pregnant. I would love to hear some success stories or opinions.. thank you.


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I had fertility issues and didn't have my son (my one and only) til I was 36. I had miscarried 3 times before him and have once since his birth. It had taken over my life. Best thing I ever did? Toss it all. Let go. Accept that what will be will be. Have sex for FUN. Stop trying. Stress is a great way to convince your body to not get pregnant. It's not like that for ALL women, but when you get to our age (I'm 40 now), stress plays a HUGE factor in a LOT of things, especially reproduction and ovulation issues. I know it's hard but, just let it go. If it's gonna happen, it'll happen. If it's not, then you at least have joy in your teenage son and don't have to spend your whole life like a lot of women do....with no children.

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