Has anyone any tips to help me stop my 13 months old son from biting me while breastfeeding. I have taken him off and said no in a cross voice but he thinks its a joke. Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Amanda - posted on 01/09/2012




You are doing it right, but when you take him off, do you put your boob away for a while? I would make him wait an hour before you offer it again. At his age he will understand hes being punished for his biting if you do not allow him to breastfeed for a while, and at his age he wont lose weight waiting an hour.

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My daughter went through a biting phase. If I said anything or reacted in any way she would laugh. I learned to watch her closely. If she stopped sucking I took her off. If she did bite I gently unlatched her and put her down. If she still wanted to nurse we tried again after a minute or so. Be consistent and he will learn that biting=no milk. Here are some great tips:

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