Has anyone dealt with their kids having pinworms? I am not sure whats going on with my son but i think he has pinworms. he has abdominal pain, icthy on his bottom. but he also says his head hurts.almost every day he is 2years old.Anyone deal with something similiar?


Dove - posted on 01/24/2013




We dealt with pin worms THREE times in about a year and a half before we finally got 'free'.... The first time we dealt with them the kids of a friend of mine also had them and their ped said that 50-75% of his patients were being treated for them at the time, so... a big outbreak happened around here.

Didn't have any abdominal pain or head ache issues from them though. I diagnosed it by actually SEEING the nasty little buggers. They 'typically' only come out at night and lay their eggs around the anus, so putting vaseline on/around the anus at bedtime can 'help' limit the spread. I would start doing that until you can get him in to the doctor to be checked out and diagnosed. Can't hurt anything even if pin worms aren't the problem.

They are treated by everyone in the family taking a little pill and then 2 (I think it's 2?) weeks later everyone takes another little pill. Doing lots of laundry... especially jammies, towels, and bed sheets during the treatment phase can help keep them from coming back too.

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